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In Maui

Just got off the plane in Hawaii. Will be flinging the Tenkara rod around when I get to Kauai in a few days. It’s buried in the red bag. Even tied up a special Sakasa Kebari for it. Advertisements

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A Good Quote For The Day

I am not against golf, since I cannot but suspect it keeps armies of the unworthy from discovering trout. -Paul O’Neil

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Diary Of An Inexperienced Angler (a 14-year-old article)

Editor/writer’s caveat emptor: this piece, satirical and immature as it may be, was the way I took to writing about things Of which my grasp was, as some arrogant barrister would say, prima facie. This was truly written many years … Continue reading

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Cards, Legerdemain, And General Tomfoolery

I do this so that the few of you who have asked. Yes, I’ve made a living at this. Not so much anymore, with the exception of the occasional show. Hope you like it.

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A Pathetic Emetic

So I’m sitting and talking with a fellow fly fisherman the other day, when the passing mention of my Tenkara rod managed to cataclysmically-irrigate the soda he was drinking into a 90-degree spray spectrum. Somebody driving by stopped and asked, … Continue reading

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Punk Rock, And A Day Out With The Kids

In my last posting, I did what I have always enjoyed doing: highlighting the creativity–and sometimes the sheer artistic tenacity–of my kids. Their first flies (categorically) I have tried to keep as some kind of quiet, unassuming heirlooms in my … Continue reading

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A Daughter’s Kebari Launch

I think half the reason my daughter Clara even likes tying flies is the coup de grace ending with the whip finisher. Up until now, I had used the classic Thompson style finisher, as it tended to allow me the … Continue reading

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