A Daughter’s Kebari Launch

I think half the reason my daughter Clara even likes tying flies is the coup de grace ending with the whip finisher. Up until now, I had used the classic Thompson style finisher, as it tended to allow me the control of pulling the dry-fly hackles out of the way with one hand while yet able to batten down the hatches with the other.

Clara, as it turns out, is going all antediluvian refusenik on me. So I figured since she wants to be all retrograde, as well as technologically and chronologically recalcitrant, that I could at least toss her the basics for a Kebari fly. I mean, since we’re all classic and everything.

Mike Mercer has slowly (and mercifully) elucidated the name, rank, kingdom, sub-kingdom, genus, species, make model, allotment and Nomenclature Rodham-Clinton of at least two of his bugs. The sheer entomological knowledge he has is astounding sans degree. I can tell you what someone means by “midge” versus a “spent-wing such-and-such,” etc.

Kebari flies, however, elude me in terms of technical difference, but that’ll because I know jack about Japanese (with the exception of the circa-1980’s concept record by STYX, but you’re going to have to blame Dennis DeYoung for my Anglo-centric grasp of “domo arigato”).

So Clara ties a couple of what appear to ME to be Kebarius Legitimus. Thus the following simple recipe:

Hook: TFC 2500 (TFC stands for The Fly Shop)
Thread: Uni-thread (black or brown) 6.0
Hackle: India Hen Back (natural)
Ribbing: White horse hair.

And off she went. Within a few minutes, we had critical mass.


Going to have her fire up a few aberrations and mutations just for fun. Actually, I just like child labor and the sweat-shop mystique.

I assume this fly most likely has a surname with some Japanese impact. Feel free to let me know what that might be.


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One Response to A Daughter’s Kebari Launch

  1. jamesggibson says:

    Written in that classic Giesecke style…
    I know absolutely nothing about fishing of any kind…
    I just enjoy the read, in and of itself…

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