Punk Rock, And A Day Out With The Kids


In my last posting, I did what I have always enjoyed doing: highlighting the creativity–and sometimes the sheer artistic tenacity–of my kids. Their first flies (categorically) I have tried to keep as some kind of quiet, unassuming heirlooms in my own mind.

Many years ago, I let Emma pick out the colors and feather for a dry fly when she was only three and a half. Hot pink was the order of the day, and even just last night, that fly (plus nine years) produced innumerable strike after strike. carry that fly into a shop and they’ll tell you it’s a “salmon or steelhead” fly. Yet, my record-size fish on dries have all been culled with a dry fly that looks like Elton John. I’ll write more about that fly later.

I guess I’ve always had some odd faith in the unorthodox fly. Knowing I was going to head out to Hat Creek with the girls today (sans wife, but not her choice), I decided I would hack out a mock-up, second-tier-and-woefully-substandard imitation of Ashley Valentine’s “Punk Rock Sakasa Kebari” fly. This is simply because it’s fun to see where the Mason/Dixon line of stream-trout temperament might exist between Montana and California.

Of course, I was devoid an aberrant shipment of purple starling hackle. So I used something else: Jay Fair’s Long, translucent Swimming Hackle. Beyond that, I employed olive Uni-Thread, and the usual (for me ), TFS 2500 hook. For ribbing, I tossed in some gratuitous green wire. I was in a HUGE rush when I decided to tie this, so I jammed it (which explains the slipshod work, but anyway) Thus, we jumped in the car and headed an hour east.

I have no pics, because my daughter was in some nondescript “back 40” taking artsy shots of herself and her sister when I caught two trout outright. Granted, this section of the river is ripe with planters, BUT I think that perhaps makes the case even better for the color scheme. Ashley may not think this is a great paen to her fly, but it does acquit her “One” well in my opinion.


As for the two files Clara tied as an inaugural Tenkara offering . . . well, I DID manage to to have the Olympus Camedia 5.0 megapixel within reach.


Not a bad outing. Tomorrow the Upper Sacramento River. Possibly with another Sid Vicious in my box.


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4 Responses to Punk Rock, And A Day Out With The Kids

  1. Pam says:

    That is all SO cool. Love the pic of Clara, Nature Girl.

  2. Pam says:

    Also enjoyed Ashley Valentine’s post very much. Don’t you know my fingers are twitching and I’m fighting the urge to get out “the box” buried somewhere in my storage building affectionately dubbed “the Studio”. I think I can hear my vise calling my name. Spooky.

  3. Nice posts, keep up the good writings. Looking forward to seeing the family growing with Tenkara, and happy to see the punk rock sakasa kebari inspiring new flies too.
    Tenkara USA

  4. I love your version of the Punk Rock, Ron and I hope you catch a lot more fish with it. I’ll send you one of mine if you send me one of yours!

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