Chachi, And The Traffic Conundrum

Many years ago, a friend told me a joke about a guy named Chachi–a guy who supposedly knew “anyone you could name.”  The requisite bar bet ensues, and Chachi, through a series of celebrity vettings and phone calls, proves time and time again that he knew everybody.

Ultimately, his uber-skeptic friend follows him to the Vatican to follow-up on his absurd claims of affability with the Pontiff.  As the skeptic sees his friend appear on the Papal balcony, a guy nudges him in the side and asks, “Hey, who’s that guy up there with Chachi?”

And I’ve been told I’m like that guy.  When it comes to blogging, I’ve noticed that my sociological abilities to metastasize are not so developed.  In reality, I “see” traffic ratings, but unless someone responds directly, I have no idea where wheat and chaff dileniate.

So, to the veteran: I’d like any and all advice with regards to exposure.  I know a readership is already there, and I tend to feel an “audience” that likes my kind of fulminating diatribes is still waiting to arrive as well.

That said, Thanks in advance.



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5 Responses to Chachi, And The Traffic Conundrum

  1. Chachi once told me increasing visibility & reader interaction is one part talented writing the other part luck & circumstance. Posting pictures of bikini-clad fisherwomen doesn’t hurt either.

  2. Ron Giesecke says:

    I DO realize the blog’s infancy really makes my question WAAAY premature. But there are some serious blogs with serious readership. And it’s cool to ponder a whole host of “what if’s”

  3. Kim R says:

    Ron you may in fact be a reincarnate of that Chachi person. Love the blog please keep at it.

  4. Ron,

    I just discovered your blog, and I would definitely encourage you to continue. Great reading!

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