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New (and Final) Blog Site

It occurred to me some time back that I constricted myself with a blog solely dedicated to Tenkara.  Trout season closes here for six months, and literally every river with fish in the size allotment that allows for Tenkara to … Continue reading

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Trout Season is On

And I’ll be laying out quality, run-on smarm and loquacious red-herrings in the next day or so.

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And Here’s My Film.

This was meant to be a part of the F3T fly fishing film tour, but it did not make it into rotation. So watch it here. Pass it on. I worked hard on it, and I am proud. .Tenkara and … Continue reading

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Movie Making

Just wrapped production on a shirt film featuring Tenkara as its central theme. More about this in a bit.

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Blogging again.

I am hapless. Also, trout season is closed here, and the only rivers I can fish with very much facility involve hooking trout the size of a Plesiosaur. But I have a new endeavor to discuss: how to make a … Continue reading

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I’ll leave you to guess why this pic is up

Tell ya later.

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Level Line–And My Inherent Laziness

I’m not really sure if I can attribute a precipitous drop in creativity to my mere 45 years on the earth, but I can certainly foment a personal paranoia about it. This is partly because I extruded some coffee out … Continue reading

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